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Unsuccessful attempts to quit or unwillingness to give up the opportunity "to smoke" during office coffee-break spurred inventors to protect the tobacco industry smoking and neutralize its harmful effects on the health of the smoker and others. In addition, the appearance of smoking bans in public places or completely taboo in some countries stumped smokers themselves. Therefore, the appearance of electronic cigarettes was hailed "a great success".

The cigarette with your favorite flavor, or American Flavors Capella Flavors
No more pungent smell of tobacco smoke, and condemning the views of others - all delicious, fragrant and legally. A wide range of constantly updated flavors for electronic cigarettes allowed American manufacturer Capella to take a leading position in the global market. No fats, sweeteners, and harmful components - the motto of the composition of flavors Capella Flavors.

Flavours for electronic cigarette - the use of the advantages:
Х No carcinogens and other "hazards";
Х legal smoking in public places;
Х Lack of yellow plaque on the teeth and fingers;
Х Only a pleasant aroma and taste;
Х no fire hazard;
Х savings.

Buy flavor for electronic cigarettes Capella (USA) in Ukraine?

In "Soap-Opt" you can buy liquid flavors for electronic cigarettes with a variety of flavor profiles (from fruit to chocolate and berry flavors and favorite drink). Available wholesale 1 liter.
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